Teal Ombre Swirl Cake

February 17, 2013

This cake is based on Glorious Treats’ pink ombre cake.  My frosting job is not as lovely as hers, but for my second time ever using buttercream, and my first time decorating an entire cake in, oh, 6 years, I’m pretty pleased with it. From the side the frosting job looks a little smooshed. You can tell that I got noticeably better as I frosted the cake from bottom to top.

This is the product of 12 sticks of butter and 6 pounds of powdered sugar. In retrospect, perhaps I shouldn’t share those, ahem, little details. If it makes you feel better, some frosting was left over afterwards. :)

I’m not sure the sparkly roses were strictly necessary, but it was for an elf party of the Tolkien variety, and I’m going to make the claim that elves are sparkly. For sure.


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