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Lemon Rose Ombre Cupcakes

March 19, 2013

The cupcakes are lemon rose flavor; the frosting is a lemon cream cheese buttercream.  It all starts with the usual basic vanilla cupcake recipe, but rose and lemon extracts get added to taste.  It was brushed with a lemon simple syrup, and I added lemon extract to the vanilla cream cheese frosting as well. I use Americolor Gel food coloring to get the various shades of color.

If you’d like some tips on how to frost cupcakes, I’d recommend Glorious Treats’ excellent cupcake frosting tutorial. This was my first time making roses, and it was incredibly easy.  In essence, you use an open star (Wilton 1M) tip.  Instead of frosting from the outside of the cupcake inward, which creates a classic swirl, you frost from the center of the cupcake outward, creating an overlapping swirl pattern that ends up resembling a rose.  Clever, right?

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